Luciano Mattioli quarantaine sessies

Gepubliceerd op 14 april 2020 om 10:02


Luciano for some well known in the underground hip hop scene. Started as a DJ in 1994 and shortly thereafter focused on making beats. Over the years he has developed into making music. The use of drum comp, live instruments, samplers, synthesizer and the search of records for samples has gradually increased his music genre. As a beatmaker he worked with different rappers and musicians. The music he makes varies from jazz to hip hop, funk, and electronic sound. In 2011, in addition to a collection of beats, he released the Its Jazz Now series, which can be found on bandcamp and soundcloud. Early 2019, he started working with Cliff Beeker, also a beatmaker, and released 2 oldschool hip-hop beat tapes under the name thebeatmakercollective.
Besides making beats Luciano is a vinyl enthusiast, he does not really see himself as a DJ but rather a music lover who occasionally likes to share his collection that varies from hip hop to jazz, funk, afrobeat, elec and Expirimental with others.

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